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Stating a fact, building a personal brand for your business is great. It’s a great way to connect with your audience.

A brand with a unique brand voice has a way of not just connecting with your audience but also, they perceive your brand personality.

We’ve heard about branding myths where brands without a face don’t connect with people.

This is FALSE.

A Corporate brand like “Coca-Cola” has no brand face but it has connected with a lot of us.

And it has been in existence for 125 years and till date, it’s waxing strong.

How is this possible without a face?

Still wondering, if you should continue reading.

Don’t you think?

The real question here is: In Brand Building, Which is better between a personal brand and a corporate brand?

The answer is “Both”.

They are both great but the truth is, As there are advantages, there are also disadvantages.

Personal Branding is how people perceive you. It takes a combination of your skills, mindset, personality, and experience.

Your brand voice and personality is YOU. 

Simply, what makes you unique and what you want the world to see you have.

The advantages of building a personal brand are;

  • People would love to do business with you because you’ve built trust with them.
  • It allows your brand message to grow and evolve
  • You become more visible
  • You get to leverage your network.
  • You get to build partnerships with other personal and corporate brands.

And Many More…

The list is endless.

As great as this concept is, it has its disadvantages.

Building a business around your personal brand is great but the downside is “ it would be harder to sell when you’re no longer around”.

  • It has its limitations on expansion. 
  • When you make a  costly mistake, it rubs on your brand and it’s like a bad smell, which is impossible to rub off.
  • It dies with you when you leave the picture.


If you want to build a tangible business around your personal brand, it will need you building a “Corporate Brand”.

You can create both a Personal Brand and also a Corporate Brand.

You can leverage your Personal Brand to push your Corporate Brand.

In the end, both work perfectly.


Having a Corporate Brand will remain even if you’re out of the picture just like Apple, and Coca Cola.

Final Thoughts: Having a Personal Or Corporate Brand: Which is Better?

Having a Corporate Brand opens you to several opportunities and Pushing your Corporate Brand with the help of your Personal Brand gets people familiar with your brands.

Either way, it’s a win-win for Everyone.

What do you think?

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