A lot of people would agree that organic impressions on your social media platform are great but give it a thought, there are a lot of things you achieve if you try paid social media.

We’ve gotten used to social media being free.

From raising brand awareness to driving traffic and leads, a well-crafted campaign can produce immediate results for your business.

Consider this blog post to cut through the noise and break down exactly why.


1. Paid Social Media is Cost Effective

On Facebook, Advertisers achieve average conversion rates of 9.21%, which is higher than that of Google Ads.

This allows you to target your most relevant customers leading to more sales.

2. Paid Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

Let’s be honest, brand awareness via ads has actually become cheaper. This allows you to learn tons of ways in reaching your target audience.

Like I earlier said, You need paid ads to help boost your brand organically.

3. Paid Social Media Boost Reach.

Funny enough, Organic reach has dropped across all platforms. 

Today’s social media algorithms are tricky. If you ever feel like some of your posts blow up while others get buried, you’re definitely not alone. No matter how much you optimize your posts, reach isn’t guaranteed.

On the flip side, paid social media ensures that your campaigns get seen. You’re essentially paying for your audience’s undivided attention.

Final Thoughts;

Do you think Paid Social Media should be considered?

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